Progressive skincare to help you find your best beautiful self.

Progressive skincare to help you find your best beautiful self.

Progressive skincare to help you find your best beautiful self.Progressive skincare to help you find your best beautiful self.Progressive skincare to help you find your best beautiful self.

Our Services

skin treatments


 Your skin is your largest organ! Through various esthetic treatments specifically design for you and your skin type, you can maintain your skins health and vitality. 

medical esthetics


Are you looking to create a more youthful appearance without going under the knife? Create the look you want with non-surgical cosmetic procedures. 

acne control


Our Acne Program along with our healing system of products and treatments work together for acne healing and great skin.

brows & lashes


Enhance your natural lashes and brows with tint or you can create a semi-permanent solution with micropigmentation. 

hair removal


We provide the following treatments to remove unwanted hair: Epilfree, Nufree, Satin Smooth or Dermaplaning. 



Our team is proud to provide expert makeup lessons to refine your skills or give the finishing touch to your big day. 



If you're looking for a place to relax and find some relief, our team has you covered. 

Cryo Slimming & Toning


Are you looking for a non-invasive treatment solution for slimming and toning? Check out Cryo.

Cocoon Wellness Pod


A combination of both dry heat and infrared heat with vibratory massage, aromatherapy for the ultimate transformation. 

Tai Chi


Tai Chi focuses on easy, circular movements and relaxation. It improves balance, coordination, and strength 

Hypnosis & Life Coaching


Meet with a certified hypnotist and hypnocoach to develop a custom program  centered on mental toughness and focus.  

Wisdom Integrative Therapies


Visit the Oncology Training International-certified professionals at Imagine Wellness Spa for these highly effective therapies and you can feel the difference.* 

About Imagine Wellness Spa

Find And Enhance Your Best Beautiful Self!

At Imagine Wellness Spa we are experts at what we do. Knowing the best and most current techniques is only part of the process, we're also here to make you look and feel great. Whether you're here for a one-hour service or an entire day, your happiness is of utmost importance!

Visit Imagine Wellness Spa for a wide range of wellness and holistic treatments that include skincare, massage therapy, wax, slimming, toning, and so much more! We are a wellness-focused Day Spa featuring paraben-free, healthy products that are available for purchase at the spa and online. Treatments are clinical and progressive, never harsh or aggressive. 

Our mission at Imagine Wellness Spa in Cape Coral, FL is to help you find and enhance your best beautiful self.  From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, our team focuses on both your internal and external wellness.  

Individual results may vary. Spa therapists work within the scope of their state licensing. 

For more information, contact Imagine Wellness Spa today.